Rok Strušnik

Rok Strušnik Site Manager
Breda Javornik

Breda Javornik Company secretary
Tanja Tokić

Tanja Tokić CFO
Kaja Cipot

Kaja Cipot Project Manager
Zerina Kandžić

Zerina Kandžić Head of Accounting
Skupina 1
Damjan Kramžar

Damjan Kramžar Construction Technologist
Nemanja Dakić

Nemanja Dakić Site Manager
Robert Mlakar

Robert Mlakar Billing Engineer
Grega Kejžar

Grega Kejžar COO
Tanja Erjavec Dobnikar

Tanja Erjavec Dobnikar Accountant
Gašper Rankel

Gašper Rankel Project Manager
Uroš Finc

Uroš Finc Executive Sales Director
Primož Sajevic

Primož Sajevic Foreman
Simon Jan

Simon Jan CEO
Petra Humar

Petra Humar Head of Sales
Ožbej Gosnik

Ožbej Gosnik Project Manager
Žiga Domadenik

Žiga Domadenik Project Manager
Skupina 2
Jaka majnik

Jaka majnik Site Manager
Boštjan Gril

Boštjan Gril Project Manager
Skupina 8
Skupina 4
Filip Baumgartner

Filip Baumgartner Head of Real Estate Development
Ožbej Vene

Ožbej Vene Site Manager
Miha Jan

Miha Jan Trainee
Dominik Majnik

Dominik Majnik Quality Assurance Specialist
Goran Ćetković

Goran Ćetković Executive Purchasing Director
Blaž Dolgan

Blaž Dolgan Site Manager
Idriz Čohodar

Idriz Čohodar Foreman
Naida Sukanović

Naida Sukanović Project Leader
Mitja Lalović

Mitja Lalović Sustainable Construction Technologist
Nejc Jan

Nejc Jan Trainee
Skupina 5
Ivan Grgić

Ivan Grgić Foreman
Uroš Tolar

Uroš Tolar Site Manager
Skupina 6
Nejc Legat

Nejc Legat Site Manager
Petra Galo Volk

Petra Galo Volk Site Manager
Katja Kundih

Katja Kundih Saleswoman / Purchaser
Radivoj Vujanović

Radivoj Vujanović Foreman
Katja Jenko

Katja Jenko Trainee
Skupina 7
Skupina 3
Urška Urh

Urška Urh Trainee
Martin Baumgartner

Martin Baumgartner CEO Tosidos LG
Anže Rojec

Anže Rojec Site Manager
Urban Zemljič

Urban Zemljič Trainee
Simon Savić

Simon Savić Site Manager
Tomaž Svazič

Tomaž Svazič Project Manager
Ahmed Hasanspahić

Ahmed Hasanspahić Billing Engineer
Borislav Mostarac

Borislav Mostarac Project Manager
Aleksandar Vasilić

Aleksandar Vasilić Site Manager

We are a well-run company with dedicated employees and a series of successful innovations that put the ideal of effective construction and craftsmanship into practice. Our projects enrich the spaces in which we operate. Our priorities include building a well-knit team with excellent relationships. Join and be part of a team whose work results in exceptional construction.